Site master plan

PCD undertakes site planning for residential, resort, private and public Golf Course projects. While a private Golf Club may view the strategic planning of golf as the most important aspect of a project, other golf related projects require the correct mix of product to ensure financial success.

PCD create a strategic golf course according to the Client brief which best utilizes the potential of a site within the selected budget. PCD has designed great golf courses throughout Asia but we also have seen many great golf courses closed due to poor project planning.
Through feasibility studies the project is targeted at the desired market. PCD works in association with the Client and other team members (Building Architect, Engineers etc.) within a Master Plan workshop process to develop the correct mix of product for the project to maximise the investment return. The overall success of a golf related project is driven by the mix of product which needs to be carefully selected. The client needs to be intimately involved in such selection processes.

Evaluating the “five finger approach” through the review of potential for membership, tourism, residential, country club and commercial products and the weight given to each for the project.

Within each of the golf related planning “fingers” further sub areas for each product require further evaluation.


Life, Individual, Family, Corporate or Tenure style membership. Different styles and price structures for different locations and countries.


Domestic or International tourism. Destination resort with resort facilities or City Site associated with visiting day tourism potential. Different standards of hotel accommodation selected for market driven success. Linkage to nearby major tourism attractions for quicker market recognition.


Prime home, secondary home, retirement, apartment, villa or condominium accommodation product selected with the current and potential market in mind for best return to Client on investment.

Country Club

Selection of country club style and components for market success and comparison to rival products. Pools, adventure playgrounds, function rooms, specialist spas, tennis academy, equestrian, health club, indoor facilities, restaurants and bars.


Dependent on the project there are a range of commercial opportunities that can value add to the financial success of a project. Conference, corporate lodges, office space, shops, restaurants, water theme park, marina, artisan village and other related activities.

PCD Site Master Planning delivers a project plan that maximizes the potential of the site.