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Golf in India

Phil Ryan and Paul Reeves, Golf Architects and Directors of Pacific Coast Design have recently completed a new and exciting book on golf in India.  Appropriately titled Golf in India the book covers all aspects of golf course development in a country that has a history in the sport of golf that exceeds 150 years. Every golf course in the country is listed, and with over 200 colored photographs the book details the drama and beauty of many Indian golf courses.

There are maps of each of the main Indian cities showing the location of each of the golf courses, there are articles on the history of golf in India, photos of some of the wildlife that share the golf courses and unique insights into some of the more quirky aspects of golf in this great country. The golf is set up into regions so the avid golfer can certainly map out their planned golfing explorations

The book also goes well beyond the simple golf course outlines and includes details on the designing, master-planning, construction, management and maintenance of golf courses with a focus on the issues and products of the Indian marketplace.  The book is interesting as it covers such a wide range of information and when asked about this the authors said “ this is the first book on golf in India, we obviously wanted to capture the atmosphere of the golf courses but the book is also a culmination of all of the topics, issues and questions we have answered over the past 20 years in India”.

Priced at around Rs 1,800 (US$45) the book is available for purchase through the web at www.uread.com

Tee off in India – People, Places and Golf

An definitive guide to golf in India. Produced by Pacific Coast Design in 2005

An article by Phil Ryan: The guru of golf: an Indian perspective.

Appearing in Volume 3 of Golf Architecture: A WORLD WIDE PERSPECTIVE, 2005

An article by Phil Ryan: Ode to the mountain, golf in stone and sand.

Appearing in Volume 4 of Golf Architecture: A WORLDWIDE PERSPECTIVE, 2008