Golf and the Environment

The Golf Course within the local environment is a permanent “green” area. The advantages are for all to enjoy, both golfers and local residents. As modern developments move into more traditionally “rural” areas the Golf Course provides an oasis of nature.

When working on the Design of a Golf Course the Design team must look to using as much of the natural beauty of the site as possible.

When Designing the Course we look at eye appeal blending with the natural beauty. Eye appeal linking to water features, grass colour, tree placement and the natural features to give the golfer a real sense of pleasure.

The Golf game itself is an equally important factor. Strategic golf play allows the professional to test their skills and still gives the novice an enjoyable game. Playing on a strategic Course gives alternate routes requiring players to think about the type of shot and their approach to playing the hole.

Long multiple tees, well placed features, clear visibility and a balanced length allows the golfer to gain new insight into the Golf Course on every new visit. All players of both sexes should gain satisfaction from playing the Course.

The final factor effecting Course Design is maintenance. To design then construct a beautiful Course requires artistry and attention to detail. The maintenance of a Course once it is opened requires technical expertise and an understanding of horticultural practices. If a Design does not take into account the future maintenance of a Course an exciting concept could soon deteriorate.

The flow of maintenance, required standards, physical positioning of features and selection of horticultural species (grass, trees etc.) should all be considered throughout the design process.

Inspired Design, sound specifications, methodical construction and dedicated maintenance. These are the pointers to a great Golf Course.

This is the sort of Golf Course Pacific Coast Design are involved in Designing.