Black Mountain Par 3 Course (Dragons Breath) – Hua Hin


9 Hole, Par 27 -1190 metre, 1301 Yards

Dragons Breath is a unique addition to the Black Mountain Resort.  It consists of 9 full Par 3 holes. The par 3 course is challenging and spectacular to say the least. It tests golfers of all levels, and create a sense that you could be playing any great par 3 from around the world. Each hole has  its own challenges and charm. The large greens and undulations make each par 3 a completely different encounter and create a fun and enjoyable experience for all.

The course sits in one of the valleys adjacent to Black Mountain Golf Club with the holes playing around a central and beautiful lake system. A distinct feature of the course are the sleeper bunker faces.

“You could take every hole, put it on a championship layout and it would fit fine, it’s a great course to sharpen up short and mid irons and the greens are big enough to hit. For me, I can learn more in an hour playing one round here than from a day on the range.” said Johan Edfors, a seven-time winner on three tours.

  • The Dragons Breath
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